Week 1: Prat – Simon Danczuk

by Ray_North on January 9, 2016

prat_iconA bit belated, but, the first Prat of the Year award goes to Rochdale MP, Simon Danczuk.

Normally, we wouldn’t trouble ourselves on this site with the sexual peccadillos of politicians, I mean trying shag anything that moves is to many MPs what wearing two diamond studded earrings is to a footballer.

But, there is something about the ubiquitousness of Mr Danczuk which means that the story of him writing sexual explicit messages to a 17 year old girl, particularly worthy of a prat award.

First, Danczuk has been very vocal (rightly) about the sexual abuse of children and second, Danczuk has been very vocal about the unelectableness (there may not be such a word) of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. The former of course, is directly relevant, because, although no one is suggesting that Danczuk did anything that amounts to a sexual crime, the very fact that he used the internet to groom a young woman who is significantly younger than him (he is 49), means that he was perpetuated the type of behaviour that he has campaigned against.
Whilst, of course, say what you like about Corbyn (and I realise this is a hostage to fortune, as soon as I’m writing it, because I could be totally wrong), he does appear to be the type of bloke who respects women and would never dream of sexualising or attempting to sexualise either a teenage year old girl, or a situation that arose with a teenage girl.

In short Danczuk has demonstrated Prat like double standards – he is worthy winner of the first Prat for 2016.

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Mike Killingworth January 9, 2016 at 2:21 pm

Danczuk needs to address has alcohol problem. Corbyn doesn’t have one.


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