Villain of the Year Award 2015

by Ray_North on January 4, 2016

2015_VillainOfTheYearNow we’ve lauded the sportsmen and women, laughed at the prats and applauded the heroes, let’s turn our attentions to this years villains. Our annual Villain of the Year Award is always an indication of all that is wrong with the world – past winners include President Assad of Syria, Benjamin Netanyahu and David Cameron, one year we even gave it to Ian Duncan Smith.

This year has been a vintage year for villains, all over the world, rotters have been trying to kill people, subjugate them, spoil our fun, take our money and our freedoms and generally piss on our strawberries with their villainous intent.

For us at Allthatsleft however, five villains have been particularly worthy of a throaty boo… so, in reverse order…..

5. Lynton Crosby
Sour grapes from the left, some might say, but, they forget that our democracy is to be cherished and protected not used as a tool by some who think that the attainment of power is some part of a game. Lynton Crosby used every underhand and conniving trick possible to win the election for the Tories, and in doing so, subjected the electorate to a campaign of lies about the economy and the Tories spending plans, and horror stories about immigration and foreign affairs, whilst making sure that every time an ordinary voter uttered the word ‘Ed Miliband’ they followed it up with the phrase, ‘he just doesn’t look like a prime minister’. Shame on him.

4.Sepp Blatter
We like our football on this post, and that is why the President of FIFA (or is he now the ex-president of FIFA?), has featured once or twice in the past – he has done more to damage a great game, which could potentially bring people together than any other person, transforming its governing body FIFA into a corrupt and decadent fiefdom with him sitting like the worst kind of tinpot dictator on a throne of gold. For all the little lads who dream of playing football and for all the fans who truly love the game Sepp you are a top, top villain.

3. Donald Trump
Donald started 2015 as a prat, a big bouffant prat, but a prat nonetheless, fair play to him though, he’s managed to transform himself from prattish buffoon to villain in the space of about six months. First he advocated building a big wall separating Mexico and the USA, then he spoke about his admiration for Vladimir Putin, he then started to make noises about Iran and Iraq and Saudi Arabia, none of which was very pleasant, before putting forward a policy of making every Muslim in the USA carry a special card, whilst American Muslims living abroad would be prevented from returning home. There’s only one word for this kind of nonsense, fascism. Trump is a villain.

2. George Osborne
Slowly but surely George Osborne is dismantling everything that was once really great and progressive about this country and turning us into something akin to a 19th Century Victorian class based Toryopoly mixed with a fair sprinkling of modern Chinese style authoritarian liberalism (you may have to think about that). We have a ridiculous economic policy of cut, cut, cut in order for Osborne to fulfil his dream of negligible public spending and low taxes so that the richest can acquire wealth beyond their wildest and most tedious dreams. Sadly, the electorate have been taken in by him and he is now unassailably entrenched at the Treasury where he can act out more of his villainous fantasies.

Overwhelmingly the villains of 2015 – this bunch of cowardly murdering bastards have, this year, peddled hate and death and oppression on an industrial scale. Only today, we have seen what they are capable of as they post yet another video of innocent people being beheaded, this time with the satanic twist of added images of a child declaring death to the unbelievers. Well, I believe in the rights of all men, women and children to practice whatever religion they want, or no religion at all; I believe in the rights of women to wear what they want and attain anything they are able to, i believe in the freedom to be gay, the freedom to draw cartoons that take the piss; I believe in the right to get drunk and the right to a fair trial with an absence of draconian punishment. I do not believe in the arbitrary murder of random people just because they don’t agree with me – ISIS do, and that’s why they are this year’s Villains of the year.

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John Stone January 6, 2016 at 10:11 pm

About time the BBC or Laura Kuenssberg were nominated for a villainy award. Like Corbyn or not, and believe me I’m at best agnostic, there’s little doubt that the corporation is a fully signed up member of the undermine Corbyn club, with virtual blanket coverage of the most obscure Labour tittle tattle and Laura fronting it up with barely concealed glee. The language used is routinely horrific, the sort of thing I expect of Sky but not the BBC.

Meanwhile the Tory party is not subjected to any equivalent scrutiny or use of emotive language. Despite being fabulously riven over Europe.


Ray_North January 7, 2016 at 10:16 am

I hear you about Laura Kuenssberg, every time she appears on my screen I feel my heart sink – i don’t know if she is working to an agenda or is just a bit lazy and uninspired and finds the Labour Party an easy target and rich source of rather dull predictable stories .
Saying that, labour (left and right) are not helping themselves in any way shape or form.


Mike Killingworth January 7, 2016 at 11:56 am

Labour’s activists do not want to be a Party of Government again. Look where it got them last time. Iraq. Privatizations galore. They have listened to their hearts, and they want to be oppositionists – a protest Party. They do not want to run capitalism in any form – why should they?


John Stone January 8, 2016 at 6:21 pm

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