#1058: 2015, David Bowie, Lazarus

by Charlie_East_West on January 11, 2016

As a lifelong massive fan of David Bowie, I am struggling to comprehend the sad news of his death. I absolutely love his music. A back catalogue of utter genius. Heroes is one of my favourite albums ever. Heroes, Blackout and Life on Mars are three of my favourite songs of all time.

Even right at the end, David Bowie was still ahead of the game. His wonderful last album Blackstar released on Friday is an album about death. He was telling us and we never even knew.

His last single was Lazarus. The lyrics and video now take on a disturbing new resonance.

Look up here, I’m in heaven…
Just like that bluebird
Oh I’ll be free
Ain’t that just like me”

And so begins our next theme week on All That’s Left. A David Bowie tribute week – featuring some of the best songs ever recorded.

David Bowie RIP.

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Witchfinder General January 11, 2016 at 10:16 pm

He will be greatly missed and his influence on music has been undeniable.


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