#1057: 2015, Squeeze, Cradle to the Grave

by Jackie_South on January 11, 2016

For all the media’s ignoring of the social damage being wrecked by the Housing and Planning Bill, and Labour’s determination to detract attention from it through its own internecine quarrels, Sunday’s Andrew Marr show did feature some people willing to make a stand.

With David Cameron on the sofa, Squeeze played out with the title track from their latest album, which is also the theme song for Danny Baker’s great autobiographical sitcom (based in my neck of the woods). The song is a great chirpy number all about making the most of the choices and missed opportunities of life.

But on the show Glenn Tilbrook decided to add a new verse, just for the Prime Minister’s benefit:

I grew up in council housing
Part of what made Britain great
There are some here who are hell bent
On the destruction of the Welfare State

And of course Davey Cam is sat there like an idiot, not knowing where to look. At the end, he claps, but looks embarrassedly away.

Good work, lads!

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