Week 52: Villain – David Cameron

by Charlie_East_West on December 29, 2015

Our final 2015 villain of the week award goes to David Cameron for a multitude of villainy – for his rambling Christmas ‘Christian nation’ Christmas message; going to Rupert Murdoch’s Christmas party like the hacking scandal had never happened; issuing a Knighthood to Lynton Crosby and arrogantly traipsing around flood hit Britain offering soundbites about more flood prevention funding despite previous Tory cuts being made to the flood prevention budget.

Cameron never gives off the impression of really sweating it as Prime Minister. It is all just a big game of born to rule for him. So what we are left with is an appalling Prime Minister – toadying up to fat cats like Murdoch (despite previous associative scandals); displaying endless cronyism to murky individuals like Crosby; offering up outdated rhetoric about Britian being a ” Christian nation” when in fact he should be celebrating our religious diversity.

He has continued to sit on his well-heeled derrière hoping for good weather and repeatedly failing to address quite possibly the biggest infrastructure problem facing our rainy, windswept, damp little island – flooding.

Christ, he even ditched his posh boy Hunter wellies for Asda wellies when wading around in the flood hit areas of our country. He is more concerned about his own image than actually doing something of real substance to improve the lives of others in the UK.

Cameron isn’t a leader of a nation. Cameron is nothing more than a mouthpiece for big business and media moguls. He is completely devoid of integrity, character, nous, compassion and decisiveness. He is a Prime Minster devoid of any prerequisites for leadership. All of the above issues simply highlight this fact. Yet, sadly, because of a huge void in effective opposition, he keeps on getting away with his ineffective leadership. Cameron is effective in only one area – his massive amount of good luck by never really being called to account for his appalling tenure as Prime Minister.

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