Week 51: Villain – Lucy Allan

by Charlie_East_West on December 20, 2015


This week’s villain award goes to Tory MP, Lucy Allan, for allegations that she bullied her staff – which comes after claims that she faked claims of a death threat from a constituent.

A recording has been released where Allan is berating a staff member for being absent from work and questioning whether she was sick enough to be signed off for four weeks by a doctor. In the recording, the MP described her as “pathetic”, a “silly girl” and said “we all know you’re not ill”.

Allan also said: “You don’t not turn up for nausea. What planet are you on? She also added: “I actually have a life too, ok? And you have pissed, pissed around on my life. You’ve made it incredibly difficult.”

Allan has unethical form. She has previously been at the centre of a row over claims she faked a death threat from a constituent. She admitted adding an extra line to the email sent her by the son of a councillor saying “unless you die” but claims it came from a separate email from another constituent.

She subsequently posted an update on Facebook to complain of being “hounded … with smears, fear, lies, threats, slurs and abuse” from political rivals. Instead of yet more self justification, perhaps a spot of humility and transparency wouldn’t go amiss, as would an apology to her staff and constituents. She is a public servant afterall.

The Tory Party have been rather mute on stories circulating around Allan as have large sections of the mainstream media. This story should have received more coverage because it highlights an MP paid by taxpayer money behaving in a completely unacceptable manner. Since Allan was elected in May she has already lost four members of staff.

It also highlights the need for MPs staff receiving robust complains procedures. Working for an MP is a tough existence. It involves long hours, an intense working relationship with a often insecure, yet, ego fuelled boss and long hours constantly trying to rise above lot of petty internal politics within politics. Ray, Bobby and myself all cut our teeth as members of staff for MPs – we all have a multitude of stories on the bizarre world of working for an MP…we will save those for another day…

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John Stone December 22, 2015 at 10:27 pm

It’s unfortunate that the local rag, The Shropshire Star, is a fully signed up supporter of ‘the project’ so isn’t especially keen on shining a light on Lucy’s activities.

So free pass for the Tory, a familiar story.


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