Week 50: Villain – Donald Trump

by Ray_North on December 14, 2015

US_VillainThis week’s Villain is the Republican presidential hopeful and multi-millionaire Donald Trump.

I suppose this has been a long time coming: Donald Trump has been striding the length and breadth of America offending people with his brand of populist bigotry, nonsense and extreme variety of political bullshit. He has managed to enrage women, Jews, Hispanics and just about anyone else who he believes he needs to have a pop at in his desperate attempts to become the GOP candidate at the next election. He has said some odd things about Vladimir Putin (we could do business together), immigration (let’s build a big wall on the Mexican border) and China (America’s number 1 abuser).

But, all of these things were more prattish than villainous, until Trump got lashed into the debate about Syria and ISIS. After the atrocity of Paris, and the continuing terrorist threat, Trump declared that he would not let Muslims enter or re-enter the country and that he would create a database of all Muslim Americans and make all American Muslims carry an identity card.

This has rightly caused outrage amongst right thinking people, both Muslim and non-Muslim in America and around the world, because Trump’s suggestion has a chilling sniff of Nazism about it. Hitler started with a database of Jews and special registration cards for Jews, and ended up with industrial-scale genocide.

What Donald Trump has done has reinforced the view that is held amongst some Muslims that they are deemed to be ‘different’ and to be treated with suspicion, whilst giving some kind of official recognition to the bigotry held by many, who believe that it is somehow justified to oppress those Muslims. His words won’t (I hope) lead to America adopting a fascist as their president, but it will do absolutely nothing to assist in diffusing the ongoing atmosphere of distrust that has festered between the USA and many Muslims for a number of decades.

He is indeed a villain.

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