Week 50: Prat – Rep. Loretta Sanchez

by Jackie_South on December 15, 2015

US_PratThis week, US Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez wins our award for being the biggest prat of the last seven days

After three weeks running of the British Left winning our prat of the week, we cross the pond for this week’s award. Sadly, though, it is still the left receiving the award, with Californian Democratic congresswoman Loretta Sanchez picking up this dubious honour.

Last week, she weighed into the debate about Islam in America in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting. Following on in Donald Trump’s footsteps, in a TV interview with Larry King on Wednesday she claimed that “between 5 and 20%” of Muslims were willing to use terrorism to fulfill their “desire for a caliphate”.

She obviously realised that she had been stupid after protests against her went viral.  “I strongly support the Muslim community in America and believe that the overwhelming majority of Muslims do not support terrorism or ISIS” she said in response (which of course does not discount the 5 to 20% claim). The next day she claimed she had read the figure in a book by Harvard Press. By Monday, she said “I have never attacked Muslims” but also patted herself on the back “I think it’s really begun a discussion”.

You might have thought that a politician from a minority background might have more sense. But no, this is not Sanchez’ first racial faux pas: in May she decided to liven up a meeting with Americans of Indian origin by joking about her initial confusion on who she was meeting:
“I am going to his office, thinking that I am going to meet with a…” — then she put her hand over mouth and made the noise that is the stereotypical imitation of a Native American war cry — “Right? … because he said Indian American.”

Understandably,California’s native Americans were outraged.

Worryingly, Sanchez has hopes of promotion to the Senate in next year’s election (veteran senator Barbara Boxer is standing down) and is second in the polls for the Democratic nomination.

You may be less surprised to learn that Sanchez is congresswoman for Disneyland.

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