Week 50: Hero – Justin Trudeau

by George_East on December 14, 2015

Canadian_HeroThis Week’s Hero the Week is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for showing some rare decency amongst world leaders on Syrian refugees

Justin Trudeau has done two notable things in foreign policy terms since he became Canada’s Prime Minister at the beginning of last month.  Firstly, he withdrew Canadian forces from the bombing of Syria.

Secondly, his administration has accepted 20,000 Syrian refugees.   Not only that but Trudeau went to the airport personally to meet some of the arrivals, telling them in a speech that they were ‘home, now’.  Yes, this was a classic PR opportunity, but what other world leader at the moment would decide to use the arrival of refugees as a photo opportunity.   Even Angela Merkel didn’t do that.  Trudeau is saying that not only is Canada doing this but that he wants his administration to be known for doing so.

When we compare this attitude with that of our own government, it is shameful in the extreme.   Not only is the UK happy to bomb plenty of Syrians into refugee status, but it appears reluctant to deal with the consequences of that policy.

Trudeau is in his short time as Prime Minister shaping up to be one of the most inspiring centre left leaders around at the moment.

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