Week 49: Prat – The Stop The War Coalition

by George_East on December 14, 2015

Last Week’s Prat of the Week Award goes to the Stop the War Coalition for showing ISIS some love

prat_iconLet’s be honest for those of us on the democratic left, there are few things more annoying than trots.   Always hijacking every protest going, selling their asinine papers, chanting their trite slogans, bringing along a thousands of placards which are more about advertising themselves than the cause at hand.

Few things exemplify this as well as the Stop the War Coalition.  STWC founded as an SWP front group back in 2003 was at one point relatively broad based in its support.  However its essential ideology has been consistent from the beginning: one of revolutionary defeatism.  It will back whichever side or force, however obnoxious or reactionary, which stands against ‘western imperialism’.

Now this is a somewhat difficult position to maintain when the opponents of ‘the west’ are ISIS, with their ideological and practical  commitment to crucifying apostates, throwing homosexuals to death from buildings and selling women into sex slavery.

Yet STWC just couldn’t help themselves this week, publishing an article on their website which compared ISIS to the international brigades in the Spanish Civil War and writing admiringly of their commitment to ‘solidarity’.   In case this is thought to be some kind of aberration, they have also shouted down and prevented from speaking Syrian socialists at their meetings (what on earth could actual Syrian leftists have to contribute about Syria, after all) and published an article in 2014 on their website positing a moral equivalence of Britain and The US, with ISIS.

It would be hard not to laugh at this student leftism, if it wasn’t for the fact that the long term Chair of STWC until his election as Labour leader was Jeremy Corbyn, and he seems incapable of breaking his links with them.

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