Week 48: Prat – John McDonnell MP

by George_East on December 14, 2015

Labour_PratThe long overdue Prat of the Week award from a fortnight ago goes to Labour’s shadow chancellor, John McDonnell

You’ve got the chancellor of the exchequer exactly where you want him. He has u-turned on the centre piece policy of his ‘necessary’ welfare cuts, the abolition of tax credits. The bullshit that somehow a measily rise in the minimum wage and raising tax thresholds has been shown not to add up. This is a rare successful moment for the left against the man who has become the dominant force in British politics ever since David Cameron announced he would not serve a full second term as Prime Minister.

So what does Labour’s shadow chancellor do? He quotes from the Chairman Mao’s little red book in what appears to have been an attempt at a gag (the kind of gag that you can imagine only really works between the ultra leftists of various stripes that make up Corbyn’s inner circle). He then chucks the book at Osborne – earning a smart riposte from the Chancellor about it being McDonnell’s personal signed copy.

As with Seamus Milne’s appointment or the failure to sign the national anthem or bowgate at the cenotaph, this was yet another utterly avoidable PR fiasco for the Labour leadership. If you cannot understand, coming from McDonnell’s position in politics, that making a gag about Mao is something that you really cannot get away with, you shouldn’t be playing with the big boys.

It led to the even more absurd position the next day where the media, instead of concentrating on Osborne’s u turn, were focused on Labour’s position on the Mao dictatorship and John McDonnell having to condemn history’s most murderous dictator.

If one event has summed up the fiasco of Corbyn’s leadership so far it is this.   Being out of step ideologically with the British public is one thing, being utterly incompetent with it is truly unforgivable.

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