#1052: 2012, Emeli Sande, Read All About It

by Ray_North on December 22, 2015

Not an obvious choice for me.

My middle son Iorweth is an interesting child – small, quick as a pin and as bright as button, he has his Irish grandmother’s propensity to fight anyone who he believes has wronged him (or someone near to him) and is clearly destined one day to be a doughty comrade on a night out.

He also occasionally suffers from the predicament of many a middle child, in that he lives in the shadow of his older brother (or perceives himself to be inferior), something that manifests itself in him refusing to things that he believes he can’t excel at.

I was then, quite surprised, when a month or so ago, he declared that he’d joined the school choir – for someone whose passions are WWE Wrestling and playing a very robust game of rugby from scrum-half, this seemed quite odd.

Dutifully, we went to his concert, his School were singing together with a local Welsh Male Voice Choir – me and Mrs North sat near the front. On came the school choir – to my surprise, little Iorweth, took his place in the front. He hadn’t really told us much about the concert. We didn’t know what to expect. The opening song was this Emeli Sande song, which, not really my cup of tea, is without doubt a nice tune. The Church Hall hushed, the opening bars of piano kicked in, and my jaw dropped as little Iorweth sang the first verse, he hadn’t mentioned it, it was a total surprise.

It was lovely. Unforgettable. Suddenly this is a song means an awful lot to me.

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Bobby_West December 22, 2015 at 5:00 pm

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