Week 47: Prat – Ken Livingstone

by Ray_North on November 22, 2015

Labour_PratThis Week’s Prat of the Week is the former Mayor of London and Labour MP, Ken Livingstone.

What an irritating little story this was: Ken Livingstone was appointed to sit on Jeremy Corbyn’s Defence Review Committee; Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Defence is one Kevan Jones, who questioned whether Ken had the credentials to take on such a role.

Ken replied by questioning Kevan Jones’ sanity, saying that he clearly needed to go to his GP because he had ‘psychiatric problems.’

Sadly, Kevan Jones does have psychiatric problems having suffered with depression and anxiety, something he has spoken very passionately about in the House of Commons Chamber. So, Ken’s comments were crass, childish, and, almost certainly, quite painful to Jones.

When this was pointed out to Ken, he responded by saying that he didn’t know of Jones’ history, but that he comes from South London and that where he was brought up, if someone insults you, you insult them back.

Fuck me.

Is this as good as Jeremy Corbyn’s inner circle is going to get?

I’ve always had a sneaking disapproval for Ken Livingstone, I’m not really surprised that he can say the most stupid and prattish things, and then try to justify them by playing the ‘Cor Blimey, I’m a proper London geezer’ card which just makes his sound even more like a prat.

This week, he is a deserved winner of our esteemed award.

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nino November 27, 2015 at 9:08 am

Let’s not forget that this media-orchestrated row is about an outdated unusable and expensive bit of military kit – namely Trident. Ok! If you want to be a good Labour supporter you’ll have to banish Jeremy Corbyn from the realm, block the entry of anybody even remotely associated with the left from any position of influence and readily agree with that nice Cameron chap that the only solution for Syria is to use Trident to nuke the whole Middle East. Oh! But isn’t that kindly uncle Netanyahu there?
The real prats are those screaming for the bombing of Syria at any cost and especially when they sit on the Labour benches.


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