Week 46 – Villain: ISIS

by George_East on November 20, 2015

ISIS_VillainThis Week’s Villain of the Week Award goes to ISIS for the horrific attacks on Paris.

A gig.  A football match. Three restaurants.  These were the targets of the terrorist attacks on Paris last Friday.  Ordinary places where ordinary Parisians were spending their leisure time. The attacks were not targeted on political figures or the military. This was terrorism in its purist form – designed to instill a fear in the populace about doing the stuff of life.

Within a matter of hours the Islamic State had claimed responsibility.  That truly frightening phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalists bent on re-establishing the Islamic caliphate. A group so extreme in its religious purity that it has reinstituted slavery and crucifixion in the territory it controls and considers any muslim that deviates from its interpretation of Islam as a heretic, to be punished by a sentence of death.

There is a also strong millenarian streak amongst the ISIS leadership with an unwavering belief in an imminent final showdown between the true forces of Islam and the infidels of the West.   The attacks are designed not only to instill terror but also to provoke a response which might bring this final battle about.

ISIS are truly villainous for this reason – bent on martyrdom, committed to methods that are as brutal as they are terrifying and determined to bring about a war with the west, which is the way to guarantee paradise,  they will stop at nothing.  The world has seen nothing like them since the Khymer Rouge’s  brand of utopian communism of the 1970s.    They must be stopped.


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Witchfinder General November 20, 2015 at 5:05 pm

“They must be stopped.”



nino November 21, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Tell Saudi Arabia to stop financing them and our own arms dealers to stop supplying them with modern weaponry for starters. But it will never happen until we create a new even worse group.


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