Week 46: Hero – The People of Paris

by Ray_North on November 17, 2015

French_heroThey met yesterday in the cafés and bars, on the streets and in the famous parks. In the Place de la Concord, they started to spontaneously sing their wonderful anthem, quietly at first, then louder, before heartily, defiantly, pledging their desire to be French, to be Parisians, to be free and to march on.

No city deserves the tragic awfulness of the mindless terrorism that afflicted Paris on Friday. Nothing gives anyone the right to indiscriminately kill people enjoying music or sport, a glass of wine or a meal with friends.

Lesser people would have used the terrorist attacks as an excuse to vent a violent vengeance, lesser people would have called for recriminations, firebombed those they believed responsible or riot.

Not the Parisians they have shown no malice towards those who would kill and oppress them – instead this atrocity has simply strengthened their resolve and their continued belief in the principles of fraternity, equality and liberty.

Sure, there may be those who will act differently, the surge in support for Marianne Le Pen is troubling, but, on the whole, the people of Paris have not given the terrorists one single reason to believe that they have been cowed by their barbarism. Any coward can point a kalashnikov at a room full of huddling, petrified, unarmed innocents, it takes a hero to respond by defiantly saying we will not be beaten, we will march on. Paris we salute you.

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Mick Middle-East November 18, 2015 at 8:01 am

Also the peoples of Beirut, Iraq, Kenya, Syria and Nigeria for their constant struggles and personal tragedies.


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