Week 44: Prat – Andrew Lloyd Webber

by Ray_North on November 4, 2015

prat_iconThis week’s Prat is the Conservative Peer and multi-millionaire purveyor of shite music Andrew Lloyd Webber

It’s tempting to simply put – Prat: Andrew Lloyd Webber and leave it at that. I mean, he makes the case himself.

But, that would be lazy.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is a very rich man. He has made many many millions of pounds through his musicals – most of which are really really dull (except Jesus Christ Superstar, which is brilliant). Over the years he has involved himself in politics, first, 1997, by advising us that if Labour got elected he would leave the country (please fuck off with my best wishes), then, in 2005, he bitched about having to pay higher taxes. The Tories recognised him as one of their own and awarded him a Peerage.

Has he been a good member of our legislature? Well, he has only voted 30 times in the last fourteen years. And he hasn’t voted at all for the last two years…..

Until last week that is…. when Andrew Lloyd Webber decided to use a visit to London for the opening of one of his utterly tedious musical Cats (which will have brought him a few quid) to nip down to the Palace of Westminster and vote in favour of the Government’s cuts to Tax Credits.

What a prat. What a prattish democracy we have, that this cosseted, millionaire can swan in first class and help take money out of the pockets of thousands of people who rely upon this money to make ends meet.

He’s a prat and he can take his multi-coloured fucking dream coat and stick it up his Evita.
Yes, I am angry….

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