#1047: 2006, Eagles of Death Metal, I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News)

by Jackie_South on November 15, 2015

Friday’s horrific news from Paris has spurred this entry to the canon of our Songs to Learn and Sing. Of the 132 (identified to date) people murdered that evening, 89 were at the Bataclan theatre watching the Eagles of Death Metal. The band had to stop and escape backstage when the bullets started flying. Nick Alexander, a British man touring with the group and selling merchandise for the band, was less lucky. The stories of survivors of the gig were gut-turning: people playing dead as they were covered in the gore of the murdered, that mobile phone video of people hanging from window ledges to escape the gunfire, the photo of the bodies strewn across the venue floor.

There seems to be something particularly perverse about attacking a gig by EODM: they are a band that don’t take themselves too seriously. Their name itself is a jokey reference to what a band might sound like if you mixed The Eagles with a Death Metal band.

This video shows their tongue-in-cheek humour (spot the bewigged guest stars). The gig-goers were people who loved the band’s care-free and up-yours attitude. These were fun-loving Parisians out for a laugh and raucous indie music murdered in their prime.

We play this in memory of those 89 victims.

Rest in Peace.

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