What would Maggie have said?

by Ray_North on October 23, 2015

Imagine the scene – the cabinet room, Downing Street, sometime in the Summer of 1983, the rampant Thatch is in total charge, buoyed by a big win at the polls and giving the hapless Argies a lesson, she asks her cabinet for their ideas for the new Queen’s Speech – ‘well, says the Energy Secretary, I’m going to build a new nuclear power plant.’
‘Ok,’ says Thatch, for no opponent to nuclear energy was she.
‘Yes,’ says Energy Secretary, ‘and the great thing is that the Chinese are paying for it all.’
Now, I’m not trying for one second to re-write the history of Margaret in a good way, and I do accept that her breed of Toryism existed in a different historical climate that the current lot, but, at this point, I think Thatch would have laughed this idea out of the room.

And, once she had finished and written the name of the hapless Minister in the book of those to be jettisoned, I imagine that she would have turned to her cabinet again. ‘Any of you turnips got anything better than that?’
‘Yes,’ says Leader of the House, ‘we’re going to bring forward a bill to only allow English MPs to vote for English laws.’
‘What get rid of the Union?’
Then I imagine that she would have had the man immediately expelled from the room and promptly shot.

Why am I daydreaming in this way? Well, the point I’m making is that the current breed of Toryism is now going into a particular direction – fiscally hard, well we knew that, English Nationalist rather than British unionist, and fully content with global capitalism in all its various forms.

In short the Tories are happy to turn England into a small rampant free market domain, where everything is up for sale, at the right price, and if you’re unfortunate enough to become the victim of these market forces (step forward the steel workers of Redcar and Scunthorpe), then, it’s tough.

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Charlie_East_West October 23, 2015 at 6:44 pm

As much as my political principles were shaped by what Thatcher did to the industrial heartlands of Scotland, I never thought I would witness a government that trumps the dark days of Thatcherism. The 2010-2015 lot do. They are a heartless bunch of bastards who are toying with the foundations of the social fabric in the country.

The one bit of faint praise I am willing to give Thatcher is that at least she genuinely believed in what she was doing. This lot don’t give a shit. It is all a game of fucking thrones to these people.

Keep the chaps in the City happy, screw everyone else…and oh yes….piss all over those rapsallions in Scotland for daring to ask for independence.

Fuck the Tories because they really don’t give a fuck about you or me.


Mike Killingworth October 24, 2015 at 8:49 am

Well, Charlie, we don’t create wealth, do we? Perhaps one in fifty people – or even one in 500 – do that, and from their perspective the fact that the rest of us have any political power is something that needs to be changed PDQ.


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