Week 42: Prat – John McDonnell

by George_East on October 25, 2015

Labour_PratLast Week’s Prat of the Week Award went to Labour’s shadow chancellor, John McDonnell for his u-turn on the budget surplus

This is a very late post (and some others have been missed in recent weeks from our Awards completely). That has largely been down to me. Difficult work stuff and life stuff has meant that I’ve not been as engaged with the blog as much as I would like – in fact I’ve barely had time at all.   The result will be that this may be the shortest lived prat post on the right hand column, because the Week 43 Award is right on the way.

However, John McDonnell thoroughly deserves his award for his approach to George Osborne’s stunt designed to create a trap for Labour by requiring a year on year government surplus.   And it is not just this blog who thinks McDonnell’s behavior was prattish – the man himself described his own approach as ‘embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing’. He was not wrong.

It is no in fact the position that he u-turned into. The position he ended up in, of opposing Osborne’s political stunt. It was rather the position that he had adopted for the two weeks previous, which was to support Osborne’s proposal. Demonstrating that even if the newly minted Labour leadership are from the hard left of the party, that they are as naïve and concerned about having a reputation for the kind of fiscal conservatism that gets eaten up by the media, even where what is being proposed is economically nonsensical and a transparent political stunt.

Sadly, McDonnell’s prattishness is all a part within what is shaping up to be the most incompetent Labour leadership in history.   I doubt this is the last time he will win this Award.

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