Week 43: Villain – David Cameron

by Charlie_East_West on October 25, 2015


Our villain of the week is David Cameron – for a number of different reasons:-
i) taking delight in the working tax credit cuts at PMQs
ii) English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) – effectively sounding the alarm bell for the end of the Union.
iii) Considering suspending the House of Lords if they vote against tax credit cuts.

David Cameron may be our Prime Minister – but he is no leader of our country. This is a man who leads a political party and government that is more concerned about hammering the poor, squeezing more juice out of the squeezed middle and also reducing Scottish and Welsh MPs to second class parliamentarians. It is ideological bankrupcy, poltical gerrymandering and the complete removal of social justice – all wrapped around the one ideological motive left within the brains of the Tory Party – protecting their power base at all costs.

This is a leader of a nation who claims that the union is “better together” – yet is more concerned with creating an English Tory reich that will potentially eliminate the prospect of Scottish or Welsh MPs ever having the legitimacy to sit in cabinet or becoming Prime Minister.

This is a leader of a nation who protects the undemocratic cronyism of the House of Lords but is willing to lecture and threaten them into submission if they dare to vote against Tory policy.

This is a leader of a nation who is willing to inflict tax credit cuts that will hammer millions of people as yet another misplaced consequence of austerity on the masses rather than targeted austerity on those who got us into the mess – big business and financial services.

It is morally bankrupt. It is ideologically bankrupt. It is all so dispairingly typical of a pigheaded Prime Minster who is making a pig’s arse of our country.

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