Week 41: Villain – Theresa May

by Jackie_South on October 11, 2015

Tory_VillainThis week, the Home Secretary earns our award for the greatest villain of the last seven days

So for another year, that annual carnival of privilege, self-satisfaction, bigotry and hatred that is the Conservative Party conference is over. Despite the coverage from some of the more gullible and/or dishonest corners of the media, this has not been a shift to the centre ground, this has been one of the more vile displays by the Tories, rendered viler still by the majority with which they can implement their programme of political spite.

Centre ground? Really? The announcements of cuts to tax credits for the working poor, of the beginning of the end for social and affordable housing and of the destruction of local education authorities suggest that this was turbo-charged Thatcherism. It may have been dressed up in moderate phrases, but the polices behind the words are the most right-wing for a century.

But if the order of the day was not to put the ‘nasty party’ on full display, ironically it was the inventor of that term that ignored the script. She told the party faithful that immigration hurt community cohesion, stole jobs from the low paid, forced down wages and suggested that the economic and fiscal benefit from immigration was “close to zero”.

All of this has been rubbished since, even my the normally right-of-sensible Institute of Directors.

Of course, part of this was to pitch to the party’s rightwing in preparation for the forthcoming leadership contest, part was to throw up a smoke screen to obscure the fact that after five years in the job, she has presided over the highest net immigration figures ever. But this hard right rhetoric will bolster the resolve of every racist going: this is a Twenty-First Century version of Norman Tebbit’s cricket test, only this time by the very person with political responsibility for both immigration and law and order.

So, to cover up her own failures and promote her own chances, she has vomited forth this hateful bile, and sod the consequences for millions of UK residents. A villain indeed.

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