Week 41: Prat – The Tax Payers Alliance

by Ray_North on October 12, 2015

prat_icon‘This week’s Prat award goes to the hideous Tax Payers Alliance.’

This is an odious organisation at the best of times – set up in 2004 as a pressure group furthering the position of ‘ordinary tax payers’ – what it has proved itself to be over the last decade is a whining, bitching group of greedy daily mall readers who have no concept of anything other than a desperate desire to hold onto their dough with the desperate tenacity of man clinging to a window ledge.
And, of course coming hand in hand with an aversion to tax is their aversion to public expenditure.
George Osborne and his programme of austerity is the stuff of wet dreams to this lot.
And over the years they’ve tended to crop up on TV usually at budget time when they moan about taxes, or when the media need someone to comment about some act of profligate public expenditure – they’ve been annoying, rather than provoking any deeper feeling of antipathy.
Then last week their head of research one Alex Wild, appeared at a fringe meeting at the Tory party conference, where the subject was the proposed cuts to Pensioners Benefits – ‘cut them immediately’ said Wild, ‘because by 2020, they’ll either be dead or have forgotten which government made the cuts anyway.
The dropping callous cynicism contained in this statement is worthy of a villain award – but, because Mr Wild is clearly a man without a clear or compassionate thought in his head, and because his organisation are such a hopeless bunch of losers, this utterance gains only a prat award.
I don’t need to say how awful it is to hear anyone or any organisation which professes to have an opinion on any area of public life treating the elderly with such contempt.
He is a prat in an organisation of prats.

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Mike Killingworth October 12, 2015 at 3:32 pm

He later apologised for the “dead or forgotten” remark. I suspect he expected to have to grovel, on the “all publicity is good publicity” thinking.

In any case, the government aren’t listening to him – perhaps we should ignore the little oik too. I expect Leeds University are seriously proud of him.


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