Week 40: Villain – The NRA

by Ray_North on October 5, 2015

villain_2_iconYep, this week’s unanimous winners of our Villain of the Week award are the National Rifle Association of North America.

Another week, another massacre of innocent people by some loony with an arsenal of deadly weapons.Last week it was the students of Umpqua Community College, Douglas County, Oregan. Next week? Who knows, but you can bet your life (maybe literally) that it will happen somewhere and once again we will feast upon images of a weird looking kid who decided to take the lives of his schoolmates, the smiling schoolmates, the cross looking President, the baffled sheriff and, of course, some guy from the NRA, telling the cameras, with a straight face, that actually, this type of massacre shows how it is massively important that ordinary American’s continue to enjoy the right to bear arms.

Over 200,000 people were killed last year by their fellow citizens enjoying their rights under the second amendment to the America Constitution (it’s not really the point, or maybe it is, but compare this with the minuscule number of people killed by terrorists on American soil), but still the American obsession with firearms shows no sign of abating, indeed, more people have guns than ever before.


Well, for some it is a status symbol, for some it is a historic right and there is no way that any Federal Government, or Supreme Court decision is going to tamper with it; for others it is the ultimate conclusion of the hysterical debate that engulfs American culture: the individual versus the collective, liberty versus justice, might versus logic – ‘you should have a gun to protect yourself from the others who must have the right to have a gun,’say the gunslingers, and the American people, god bless em, think that that makes sense.

And the most vocal gun slingers of all, are the NRA – whose stated aim is to retain the right of every American Citizen to bear arms. Once again this week, they were at the forefront of the debate telling Americans that the prevalence of mental illness and drugs in American youth culture meant that it was now even more important that everyone had a gun to defend themselves. I mean how can anyone who professes to have a brain even say that with a straight face, the counter argument, pointing out that if their society is suffering from an increase in unhinged teenagers who want to kill people, then make it harder for them to get the tools to do that, is, surely overwhelming.

But, no.

The NRA are a strange organisation, they seem to belong to the age of the Civil War, they have a whiff of ultra-conservatism about them, you get the feeling that some of their members probably lament the end of segregation and slavery, and, of course, they are funded by vested interests dressed up as ‘shooting and sports clubs.’

They are villains, and with every student, child or innocent that dies, they are implicated in murder.

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