Week 40: Hero – John McDonnell

by Charlie_East_West on October 4, 2015


This week’s hero of the week award goes to the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, for delivering an impressive keynote speech at Labour Party Conference – where he provided an insightful critique of the economy in the UK and delivered a withering attack on George Osborne’s austerity ideology.

“I found the Conservatives’ rant against Jeremy’s proposal to bring rail back into public ownership ironic when George Osborne was touring China selling off to the Chinese state bank any British asset he could lay his hands on.”
Quite, John. Quite.

McDonnell also got stuck into austerity. He really got stuck into austerity. It was bloody refreshing to hear a Labour Shadow Chancellor being so openly critical towards the Tories destructive forces at work within their austerity programme.

Finally, we now have a senior figure within the Labour Party eloquently articulating that the deficit was caused by the banks, not Gordon Brown.

I have been immediately impressed by McDonnell. I suspect his plain speaking, yet intelligent and pithy reposes to Tory economic policy is going to generate some momentum with the wider public. This is what a Shadow Chancellor should stand up and do – put the boot into the government and hold them to account.

We are likely to see a very strong opposition to the Tories on the economy. McDonnell will ensure that this happens. No more shadow boxing from Labour on the economy. Instead, we now have a Shadow Chancellor who will come out fighting.

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