The Inconvenient Truth of Tory Britain

by Charlie_East_West on October 15, 2015


Credit where credit is due. The Tories are an election winning machine. They have reduced their former coalition partners, the Lib Dems to a parliamentary rump, and they have reduced UKIP to the margins and they have reduced Labour to infighting and potential civil war.

But that is as far as I am willing to lavish praise on the Tories. The Tories won the election on false premises. They did not win the election because of their magnificently successful governance of the country. They won the election because they hoodwinked people into thinking a number of perceived wisdoms that were total nonsense. Millions of voters think that the Tories are better at managing the economy than Labour, and that Labour recklessly “spent all of the money“. Millions of people think that the deficit and debt have spiralled out of control because of excessive welfare and public sector costs. Millions of people think that the country has turned a corner and that the economy is back on track. Millions of people think that immigration is a threat. Millions of people think that the Tories can be trusted with our national security.

Well, Tory voters – this is utter bullshit.

Here are a 10 inconvienent truths about Tory Britain today:

1. Labour managed the economy better than the Tories.
Labour’s handling of the economy between 1997-2010 was largely prudent and successful. They even managed to run at a surplus for a number of years. Under the Brown administration, the deficit and debt spiked upwards due to the colossal £1.2trillion bail out of the banks.


2. The Tories are mishandling the economy.
Since 2010, the national debt has almost doubled to £1.5 trillion. The Tories don’t even have the excuse of being forced to bail out the banks – which Labour did in 2008/2009.


3. The Tories are destroying the finances of the NHS.
Since the Tories came into power in 2010, the NHS has gone from a healthy annual surplus to a deficit. This can be attributed largely because of the false economy reforms within the 2011 Health Care Act which has created huge financial resources being spent on agency staff, NHS staff redundancy pay outs and prohibitive private sector fees for services such as catering, pharmaceuticals and equipment.


4. The real economy isn’t booming. It is flatlining.
This chart produced by EU/Eurostats brutally highlights the haves and have nots society in Britain today. Inner London (propped up by the slush funds washing around The City of London) is the most prosperous area in Northern Europe while within the wider reaches of our country, Britain now has the 8 poorest regions in Northern Europe.


5. Corbyn-led Labour doesn’t present a “threat” to our national security. The Tories present a threat to our national security.
The Tories continue to intervene in the Middle East by dropping bombs on innocent civilians in Libya and Syria while stoking up even more hated in a crisis ridden war zone. £100bn Trident renewal is a key defence priority for the Tories. A price tag that could pay for every single nurse in the country receiving a 10% pay rise.

Meanwhile despite this quasi ego-fuelled imperialistic policy in defence and foreign affairs, we have a government pimping itself out as an arms dealer. Britain’s arms trade is £multi-million industry producing and depositing weapons in some of the most dangerous areas in the world and into the hands of some of the most dispicable regimes in the world.


6. Immigration has benefited Britain.
The vast majority of immigrants come to Britain for the right reasons – to escape tyranny, oppression and with the noble ambition of bettering themselves through aspiration and employment.

7. The banks caused the financial mess and caused the spike in the national debt, not over inflated public services.
Did public sector workers cause a financial crash, receive a £1.2 billion bail out, receive billions in bonuses and evade their tax payments?
No. I don’t remember that either.


8. Austerity is a con.
The austerity con: the Tory idea that we cut our public services in order to pay back a never-ending debt to bankers who we’ve already had to bail out anyway.
Total bank bail out = £1.2 trillion.

Labour didn’t “spend all the money” – the banks did.

9. Benefit “scroungers” aren’t the problem. Tax evasion scroungers are the problem.
£1.2 billion is lost in bogus benefit claims per year. £120 billion is lost in tax evasion and avoidance per year.
The lost revenue numbers are x10 higher within tax evasion losses. Clawing back as much as possible within this area would have a much greater effect at balancing the books than demonising benefit claimants.


10. The Tories are not capturing the centre ground. They are moving the centre ground to the extreme right.
If the centre ground involves the Bedroom Tax, Foodbanks, Trident, 4 million kids in poverty, zero hours contracts, fracking, slashing tax credits, demolishing public services, bombing the Middle East, tax cuts for millionnaires and cutting disability allowance – then we need this country to reject the centre ground.

The inconvenient truth (which many voters are either ignoring or not getting access to the right information to critically challenge the Tories) is that under the Tories, the economy is in a dangerous place, poverty is rising, the wrong subjects are being demonised and victimised and meanwhile, the individuals who helped get us into this horrible mess remain untouchable.

Welcome to Tory Britain. The Tories may win elections, but their credentials in doing so are complete bullshit.

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Eddie Kaye October 15, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Excellent article Charlie. Unfortunately as last night showed, the slender Tory majority they are imposing this get rich quick scheme for their donors and cronies on is being swelled by the existence of Labour MPs who one really does wonder why they did not just join the Conservative party in the first place. I have said it before and will say it again – the Labour Party as a whole (and lets face it, only the party in parliament has the clout to do anything) must realise that opposing the Tories is their raison d’etre. Otherwise, the closing down sale will continue ad infinitum.


John Stone October 15, 2015 at 9:10 pm

Unfortunately the right wing press is blasting out their propaganda so loudly and so constantly that voters just absorb it as truth. The left has to find a way of communicating the messages in your post more effectively. Social media has a place but all too often it’s just preaching at the converted. What really angers me is the way the BBC is currently reporting politics. Totally uncritical of Government. Cowardly is the word.


richard mackinnon October 16, 2015 at 11:53 am

1.”Labour managed the economy better than the Tories.”
Is it any wonder Labour is a laughing stock?


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