#1042: 1987, The Cure, Just Like Heaven

by Ray_North on October 13, 2015

Things have been a bit shite really – for various reasons – far too many to go into on these pages things have been a bit difficult for some of us who write on this blog and sadly this has meant a reduced output of our rants, reflections and ruminations, and, of course, our daily dose of music.

I know that I haven’t posted a song in a couple of months! That’s fecking ages! Far too long.

So, to break my silence, I wanted to post a corker, a song that I can fairly confidently predict that will be enjoyed by, at least, my four compadres on these pages, indeed, I can think of nothing I’d like to do more, than get rollicking drunk with George, Bobby, Charlie and Jackie and put this on, because I know that it would get us all stomping and pogoing like it was 1987 all over again.

Even the lyrics seem prescient.

But, perhaps the best part of this song is that wonderful intro, the bass drives us forward straight into the guitar riff, the journey from the first beat to the Robert Smith vocal is like a long bus ride through your favourite and most exciting part of town.

We may be ageing, we may be stressed, we may be disillusioned and embroiled in our various mid-life crises – but, my Allthatsleft friends, I raise my glass to you all!

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Mike Killingworth October 14, 2015 at 12:50 am

Mid-life crises, eh?

Time to get you youngsters listening to some seriously mellow jazz, methinks… John Abercrombie, Jan Garbarek, Keith Jarrett, Ralph Towner, and, of course, the late, great Esbjorn Svensson. Among others.

When you’re ready, call me. You know where to find me.


Geof Elliott October 15, 2015 at 9:32 am


I admire your attempts to lure them to the dark side but fear that your efforts will be in vain. Jazz maybe a step too far for these boys as I suspect it will conjure images of Louis Balfour, played by John Thompson on the Fast Show. Nice.

It’s jingly guitars or nothing for this lot!


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