What Pig-gate really tells us about David Cameron

by Charlie_East_West on September 23, 2015


According to a book authorised by Lord Ashcroft and written by Isabel Oakeshott, David Cameron may have performed an obscene act on a dead pig’s head while attending a braying toffs-only private members club at Oxford University.

Who knows if this is true. But, the reason that this sordid little story received so much coverage – (in particular through the wild landscape of social media) is because it is believable. The perceived wisdom is that our country is led by a set of self entitled born-to-rulers who have probably indulged in bizarre rituals through their gilded years at Eton and Oxford. These weird initiation ceremonies may be lazily shrugged off by some commentators as follies of youth – but, while we have all got a few stories showcasing the mistakes of our youth, I doubt that any of our sordid stories involve skullfucking a dead pig or waving £50 notes in the face of a homeless person.

These stories reinforce the impression of our Prime Minister living an entire life in a way that makes it impossible for him to relate to how the rest of us live. David Cameron’s life has been lived through the prism of public school, Oxford University and the corridors of power in Westminster. The oak panelled room is his playground. His family have never had to worry about whether free schools meals will be axed. He has lived in a lifelong bubble of privilege, patronage and the old school tie.

I do not want this article to turn into inverted snobbery. But, there is a point to all of this. Our country is run by a cabal of the old money rich – who have no deep rooted understanding of how the majority of people live in this country. Therefore, they indulge in cutting the pipelines of essential welfare and public services that the poor and vulnerable desperately need to survive, while maintaining antiquated and indulgent taxpayer funded services such as the House of Lords, Royal Family, Trident and over inflated MPs expenses.

This is where Jeremy Corbyn comes in. It is entire possible that Corbyn rides the wave of popular resentment of the establishment being completely out of touch. If he can mobilise the disenfranchised non-voter towards the ballot box – he may just win. The Tories have a slender majority of 12. Therefore, it wouldn’t take much for a change of government in 2020.

Meanwhile we have a government that continue to prop up their wealthy chums while hammering the poor. The real definition of Tory austerity is:- punishing the poor for the mistakes of the rich and rewarding the rich for the mistakes of the rich. Corbyn’s strategy must be to hammer home this message while ensuring that he can reach out to the non-voters with a message that Labour will end misplaced austerity. Compassion to replace snouts in the trough greed.

Pig-gate became a huge public discussion on Monday because it reinforced what we thought about Cameron – a man who is the establishment personified and a man who we can quite believe indulged in a few bizarre rituals created by the establishment that he has always been part of.

As a footnote to this, vegetarian campaigners are probably quite happy with Pig-gate. I am sure that millions of people are now thinking twice before eating pork. You just don’t know what has been put into it these days….


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