Week 39: Prat – David Cameron

by Charlie_East_West on September 27, 2015


Our prat of the week award goes to our Prime Minister, David Cameron, for allegedly performing an obscene act involving his penis and a dead pig’s head.

What people find both appalling and amusing in equal measure is that fact that this sordid little tale of David Cameron’s student days is actually believable. Here is a man who was a member of a variety of braying posh boy student clubs who probably got up to a lot of bizarre rituals – the sort of which only extreme toffs indulge in. We have all done some stupid things in our youth, but they probably didn’t involve violating a dead pig with a penis.

Even during his tenure as Prime Minister, David Cameron has consistently given off the impression of being hopelessly out of touch with the majority of people in this country and stories of his braying past have dogged him throughout his life as a public servant.

So, when the grubby story emerged that David Cameron placed his dishonourable member in the mouth of a dead pig, the nation guffawed, just like Cameron’s chums probably guffawed way back in the day that he decided to slap his todger in a deceased farm animal.

The only real damage to David Cameron is the nation’s now stuck perception of him as a chinless wonder who mixes with some very odd people while getting up to some very odd behaviour within the upper echelons of our society.

It is a mental image that the nation will ever forget. It is also unlikely that the nation will ever let David Cameron forget Piggate.

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nino September 28, 2015 at 11:25 am

I’m seriously getting worried. David Cameron has risen above perpetual villain to prathood. Are there any circumstances in which he might make it to hero?


Charlie_East_West September 28, 2015 at 12:23 pm

He could have made hero this week. He has given us all a laugh.


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