Week 38: Prat – The Lib-Dems

by Ray_North on September 22, 2015

LibDem_pratThis week’s Prats are the Lib-Dems

Ah, it’s been a while since they last featured on our hallowed blog – but, I’m pleased to welcome the Liberal Democrats back to our pages.

And why?

Well, this week they have met in Bournemouth (biggest numbers ever apparently!) and their clarion call has been ‘only the Lib-Dems offer a centre-left alternative to the Tories now that Corbyn is in charge of Labour.’

So, let’s recap – 2010, not that long ago, the Tories invite the Lib-Dems to form a solidly right wing coalition with a solidly right wing economic and social programme. Happily, the Lib-Dems slip comfortably into their role and are duly hammered by the electorate at the election – why? Because they were deemed to be confused, untrustworthy, opportunist and lightweight.

They choose a new leader – and good luck to him – in Tim Farron, and now they want to rush from the right hand side of the boat to left in order to pick up votes from the type of voter they perceive will be a little uncomfortable with the anthem refusinik Corbyn. This is without a single new policy, a single statement of direction, a single clue. Untrustworthy? Opportunistic? Confused? Yep, all that and one more thing…. Prattish!

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chris September 22, 2015 at 11:21 am

I am in total agreement with you for a change,Ray!
Vote Labour, Vote Conservative,even Vote for my party UKIP if you are as mad as me,but never vote for the bunch of opportunist clueless chancers that
are now known as Liberal Democrats.Thank God they have been rumbled by the electorate.I hope they disappear up their own manifesto.
Politics is about passion and cause,even if others do not agree,not about saying anything just to appease, in the hope of getting enough fellow morons
to vote for you so you get the odd local councillor.


John Dunn September 22, 2015 at 8:51 pm

Spend some time on their website Lib Dem Voice, and you realise that these people are naive clueless fools. They have not the slightest clue why they lost all but one of their MEP’s in May 2014, and are still in a state of ‘Edvard Munchs ~ The Scream’, as to how they were reduced from 57 MP’s to 8, in May 2015.
If the concept of Dunning-Kruger could be applied to a political party, it would be the Liberal Democrats, in that they are collectively, so inept and stupid, that they do not have the mental capacity to determine the fact that they are inept and stupid.


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