Week 36: Villain – David Cameron

by Charlie_East_West on September 6, 2015


Our villain of the week is David Cameron, for his complete and utter lack of leadership over the refugee crisis.

It has been escalating for months, but it took one tragically iconic image of a little three year old boy washed up dead on a beach in Greece, for the world to collectively wake up to the horrific crisis of refugees fleeing tyranny in the Middle East.

This also applies to our befuddled Prime Minister. David Cameron has had his head in the sand over this issue and is only now spouting some rhetoric about supporting refugees as he finally tries to grasp the situation and the moving public mood.

It is too bloody late. This isn’t leadership, it is lightweight dithering. Real leadership is shown elsewhere in Europe. The Prime Minister of Finland has announced that he is willing to open up his house for refugees and has urged that the people of Finland do the same. In Germany, thousands of refugees are entering the country and being applauded as they arrive. German football fans are unfurling banners stating “Refugees Welcome” and Angela Merkel has stated that “if bankers are bailed out, then refugees should be bailed out.”

True to form, David Cameron has subequently muttered a few belated platitudes to support refugees, but there remains a sense that his heart isn’t in it and a suspicion that he is hoping that the news cycle will move away from the refugee crisis.

Cameron is a Tory. He isn’t hardwired for compassionate geopolitical decision making. The Tories don’t give a fuck about the poor and vulnerable in this country, so they certainly won’t give much of a fuck about refugees from a different country.

Perhaps Cameron will surprise us all and give up Chequers to a few refugees, but don’t bet on this happening. What should be happening is a recognition by our Prime Minister that these refugees are in a terrible zero sum game of survival and they urgently need our help and support. Humans should help other humans in need. Where they come from is irrelevant. Unfortunately, David Cameron doesn’t really appear to recognise this compassionate fact – both at home and abroad.

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