Britain & The Middle East: An Idiot’s Guide to Failed Geopolitics

by Charlie_East_West on September 11, 2015

Syria before and after…

The Middle East is a mess. Right across the region we have civil war and an escalating humanitarian disaster that has now created an unprecidented refugee crisis that is spilling across EU borders.

It is heartening to see the huge surge in Western solidarity for the refugees, but rather worryingly, this is already being manipulated by various media outlets and politicians. The British Neo-Cons are suggesting that the only remedy for the crisis in Syria is to drop more bombs. That policy didn’t work out too well in Iraq, but history doesn’t deter these people from wanting yet another armed conflict in the Middle East. We should have learned our lessons from the past. British interventionism in the Middle East has been an unmitigated disaster through huge conflicts of interests.

Britain currently supports the Iraqi government against Islamic State. But, Britain supports Saudi Arabia – who support IS.

In Syria, Britain criticises the barbaric behaviour of President Assad against his own people. Britain also criticises the barbaric behaviour of IS – who are fighting against President Assad – who we don’t like.

Britain doesn’t particularly trust Iran, who support Iraq in their fight against IS – who we really don’t like.

Britain has been a long term supporter of Israel, despite their brutal and uncompromising treatment of Palestine – which has caused deep resentment across the whole Middle East region and led to numerous militant and extremist organisations being formed and weaponised with a mission to fight Israel.

Britain has recently fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the so-called “War Against Terror” and entered into Iraq on the premise of Weapons of Mass Destruction being housed in this country – and despite a long and drawn out battle that killed over a million civilians and a conflict that eventually led to the insurgency of IS – no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq.

Meanwhile, corporate interests are inevitably entangled across the Middle East. Oil and gas pipelines have been built by US and British companies across the region and Britain has pocketed £6 billion per annum from the sale of weapons to various regimes across the Middle East.

The organisations and governments in the Middle East that Britain wants to defeat are often then defeated and replaced with an even more extreme form of instability and terror (Iraq / IS). In many cases we are supporting regimes against our enemies; supporting our enemies against our enemies; our friends in the region are often supporting our enemies; our friends in the region are often fighting our other friends in the region – and we help to escalate all of these conflicts with sanctions, propaganda, arms sales and military interventions.

It is bat-shit crazy geopolitical posturing, playing the part of an imperialistic global policeman and endless confused thinking by successive British governments in the Middle East that has in many ways helped escalate the crisis and in many ways helped create the current refugee crisis.

All of this begs the question:- What is the point of getting involved in the Middle East if the outcome is to make a bad situation even worse?

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Mike Killingworth September 12, 2015 at 10:17 am

What you call the “Middle East” I prefer to think of as the “Arab world”.

I live on an estate in W2 in which a little over half the flats have been sold. (The 100k cap on the RTB means that hardly any more will be.) More than half of those who exercised the RTB have sold up, usually to move to Spain or some such sunny place, and their home has been bought by Arabs more often than not. None of whom will talk to or make eye contact with kuffar such as me.

Because Arabs don’t like other people. Except as slaves. Our Western liberal concepts of equality, including equality of respect, collapse in the face of this reality.

That is why your article, Charlie, can describe the problem but cannot offer a solution. Because there isn’t one. Western intervention will make things worse; Western abstention from intervention will make things worse. And every year, there will be more Arab terrorism in the West.


Dawood Benyamin September 30, 2015 at 4:44 pm

Western terror in Arab world is much “terror” than you think. You always talk about the reaction and forget what you do.


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