Week 35: Prat – Justin Gatlin

by Ray_North on August 31, 2015

prat_iconThis week’s Prat is the USA drugs cheat and athlete, Justin Gatlin.

We like our sport on this site, and this week’s awards demonstrate that with Mo Farah getting the hero award and twice banned Justin Gatlin getting the award for Prat.

And bloody deservedly so.

In 2001, he was banned for taking Amphetamines! I mean, for a starter that should have alerted the world to the fact that this bloke was a prat – I mean anyone who’s taken amphetamines will tell you, ‘speed’ doesn’t actually make you faster, it just makes you talk a lot of bollox really quickly.

Anyway, Gatlin was discovered and banned, but, using the excuse that he thought he was taking a drug to help his ADHD, the IAAF reduced his ban.

In 2006, he was at it again, this time caught using testosterone – which when asked to enter his plea, he told USDA that he was totally innocent of any improper use of drugs, but was absolutely at a loss to explain how there was 100 times the correct amounts of testosterone in his body. Whilst his coach claimed that the abnormal test results were due to someone sabotaging him by rubbing a particular type of ‘creme’ on his buttocks! Yeah, that works!

But, in any event once again, this appears to have been a sufficient explanation for the IAAF who commuted his eight year ban to a mere four years, which meant that Gatlin was able to compete in the London Olympics and again in the World Championships this year – where he went in as favourite, after some spectacularly fast times, which, some might even think a bit suspicious given that he is now in his mid-thirties, something which doesn’t usually correlate with athletes getting faster (clean ones that is).

At the recent World Championships, Gatlin arrived claiming that he was going to beat Bolt and showing absolutely no contrition or remorse for his previous misdemeanours and contemptuously dismissing those who asked him, quite understandably, why he was suddenly getting faster.

Athletics fans feared the worse. When Gatlin stormed to the 100m final and Bolt seemed to stumble for form – it appeared as though the drugs cheat would prevail. In many ways the soul of athletics was at stake. In an amazing race, Bolt, stormed past Gatlin to win; then, a few days later, repeated his victory in the 200m.

Bolt deserved his medals. Gatlin deservedly takes our Prat award.

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