Week 33: Prat – Jose Mourinho

by Ray_North on August 18, 2015

prat_iconThis week’s Prat of the Week award goes to the ‘Special One’Jose Mourinho.

Special one, my arse.

I have to admit that I have a fairly mixed opinion of Jose Mourinho, on one hand, you can’t but respect what he has achieved in football, but on the other, he does seem to personify much that is crap about the game.

Last week he showed himself as a prat – his team were down to 10 men, and were under the cosh as a buoyant Swansea City rampaged forward looking for the winner. In the midst of this, his talented young forward Eden Hazard got tackled and, in true modern footballer style, started to roll around on the floor as though someone had put a bullet in his kneecap. The Chelsea physic and Doctor,Eva Caneiro understandably and quite properly, you might think, rushed onto the pitch to check that this fifty million pound footballer hadn’t hurt anything really serious, like his ego or his hair or heaven forbid, something muscular. Of course, Hazard wasn’t really hurt, he was just a bit tired apparently. Tired! Fucking hell, he should try doing a proper job.

But, rather than have a rant at his forward for going down like an old lady on a frosty morning, he chose to utterly and publicly harangue his doctor for going on to the pitch to treat his player – you see, as soon as a physio comes onto the field of play, under the rules, the player then has to go off and wait for the referee to allow him back onto the pitch, something which in this case, rendered Chelsea down to nine players, and made them more susceptible to a Swansea goal.

And it didn’t stop there – even though Chelsea held out for the draw, Jose decided to ban the Doctor and the physio from the next game (which they lost 3-0, snigger). I mean why? What did he expect them to do? Surely they were just doing their jobs? What next, will he bollock his goalie for trying to save a penalty, his winger for not bothering to put the cross in?

Jose, this week, you’re not the special one, you’re the special prat.

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Mike Killingworth August 19, 2015 at 7:21 am

Even better – after that 3-0 defeat, hetried to say that his was the better team “in the second half” – so much so that they didn’t need to bother to score a consolation goal.

I do hope John Terry plays for Fulham next season…


Peter Byrne November 10, 2015 at 9:49 pm

Wash your mouth out Mike. Love this blog usually but as a Fulham supporter (we do exist) the hope that JT plays for us is the most offensive thing I’ve read on it.


Ray_North November 11, 2015 at 9:31 am

Yes – I’m with you Peter – I wouldn’t want John Terry playing for my five-a-side team.


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