Week 32: Villain – Donald Trump

by Jackie_South on August 10, 2015

This week, our regular award for villainous behaviour goes to US presidential wannabe Donald TrumpUS_Villain

We had a rigorous debate this week at the All That’s Left board – is Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump a villain or a prat?

The case for prattishness is a strong one: the outlandish statements, the brutishly simplistic politics. News coverage of the Republican candidate’s debate fixated on Trump’s calls regarding the border with Mexico “Build a wall! Build a wall!“.

No matter that only a minority of immigrants come over the fence there rather than being over-stayers. Immigration, after all, is still a hot topic in the UK, and we’ve got a 20-mile wide moat surrounding us. And is is really better to have a wall rather than a high fence – isn’t it better to have something you can see would-be intruder through?

And then we have his comments about the interviewers that have managed to get him banned from the influential Red State Gathering.

But then maybe Trump isn’t taking all of this seriously. Whatever his polling now, conventional wisdom believes he will crash and burn by the primaries (but conventional wisdom can often be wrong).

But Trump’s contribution to the Republican race so far has been poisonous rather than hilarious. Perhaps we should not take his wall idea seriously, but we should be worried about his racist comments that Mexican immigrants are criminals, rapists, killers. Maybe we should chuckle about how his overdoing it lost him an audience with Red State’s conservative Republicans, but the comments that host Megyn Kelly was a bimbo and that suggesting that the reasons for her tough questions was that  she was menstruating certainly should not.

The trouble is that Trump is a man of influence, and his behaviour will influence others. When he says racist or sexist things, he gives free licence to apprentice Trumps to do likewise. Don’t like your Mexican neighbour? Fair enough, he’s probably a rapist. Your female boss asks you a difficult question? She must be on the blob.

That is why Trump is ultimately a villain as well as a prat: his offensiveness gives licence to others to not only offend on the grounds of race and gender, but to undermine the position of women and ethnic minorities in society.

Trump is a scumbag, but a scumbag that could still end up the world’s most powerful man in fifteen months time.

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