Week 32: Prat – The Labour Party (well at least the leadership)

by Ray_North on August 10, 2015

Labour_PratYes, this week’s Prats are the Labour Party Hierarchy


Well, it’s this, at a special conference a year or so ago, they endorsed the proposal to allow people to join the Labour Party for £3 and then vote in any subsequent ballots regarding the election of leader.

At the time, many, including Jeremy Corbyn, ironically, warned them that this might cause them trouble.

Now, the Labour Leadership, or mainstream Labour, call it what you like, you know the people I’m talking about, are up in arms, because, surprise, surprise, OMG, people are joining the Labour Party, paying their three quid and looking forward to voting in the forthcoming leadership election.

The problem for some in the Labour echelons, is that the type of people who are joining, may be, and whisper this carefully, a bit left-wing. Indeed, some of them may even have Marxist tendencies, and some may be joining because they want to vote specifically for one of the candidates who is on offer.

This is terrible they say.

Indeed Yvette Cooper has written to the office of Harriet Harman (and I’m pretty sure Andy Burnham will have made similar submissions), specifically requesting that all new members are vetted carefully to ensure that they are ‘the right sort of people’ – what the fuck!

Mainly as a result of the campaign of Jeremy Corbyn, and the new hope that he offers of a different type of politics the membership of the Labour Party has increased by 170,000 – the Labour Party, surely, must be overjoyed at this! But, no, they are concerned, because they can’t control these new members, they can’t predict what they’ll want ‘their’ party to be. And, therein lies, the problem with Labour as it has become under Blair, Mandelson and others.

They’ve sounded like Prats over the last week and they win the award.

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John Stone August 10, 2015 at 6:41 pm

Couldn’t agree more. The Party has been making a complete ass of itself and the likes of Barry Sheerman and John Mann should be utterly ashamed. If the parliamentary party sabotages this process you might as well draw a line under Labour for they’ll have alienated thousands and proved themselves to be the corporatist spivs that so many suspect they are. I know several long term Labour members who are intending to vote Corbyn because they feel he’s the only one offering any sort of hope or indeed alternative to the status quo. These are neither entryists nor marxists, just people who want a leader with a bit of conviction.


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