Week 31: Prat – Lord Sewell

by George_East on August 3, 2015

prat_iconLast Week’s Prat of the Week Award goes to now former member of the House of Lords, Lord Sewell

If you are deputy speaker of the House of Lords and Chairman of its standards committee it is probably not the greatest idea to spend your time snorting cocaine with £200 per hour prostitutes while wearing women’s underwear.   It is not the best of idea because you are practically asking for one of those present to sell their story to a tabloid newspaper. Because let’s be fair, in such circumstances who wouldn’t?

And yes its true that this is another of those stories (a bit like Max Mosley before him) where if you dig down beneath the hilariousness of it there has to be a question as to whether any harm is actually being done, given that everyone taking part is consenting, but that isn’t going to cut much, er ice (or is it snow), when illegal acts are involved (whether or not they should be illegal).

So the now very much ex-Lord Sewell, ex-Scottish Office Minster under Tony Blair, and ex Vice-Principal of the University of Aberdeen, is a deserved winner of this Award. Really if you want to do this kind of thing, become a rock star not a politician.

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