Week 31: Hero – Chris Froome

by Charlie_East_West on August 2, 2015


Our hero of the week award goes to Chris Froome for winning a second Tour de France and stoically enduring the brutalities of the Tour and the constant sniping and skulduggery of the French cycling fraternity.

It must really hurt the French. They haven’t seen one of their own win the Tour de France for decades and now they are having to endure their beloved Tour being plundered by pesky British cyclists winning three Tour de France yellow jerseys in the last four years. The French think that road cycling is their exclusive domain. They put on the most iconic of all cycling races. They think that cycling is not a British thing. Their sporting ego has been stolen by British intruders with shaved legs and lycra.

First it was Sir Bradley Wiggins in 2012. Then it was Chris Froome in 2013 and 2015. Instead of offering humility, praise and congratulations, the response from certain sections of the French media has been to smear and undermine Team Sky and Chris Froome with allegations of doping. The tarnished legacy of Lance Armstrong lives on.

Froome rose above all of this. He refused to get involved in a tit-for-tat argument over doping murmourings and instead let his cycling actions speak louder than words. He also had to endure getting drenched in urine from some idiotic hooligans during the Tour.

Froome is a bloody marvellous cyclist. Despite his achievements, he still struggles to win a place in our hearts. He lives in the shadow of suspicion caused by the doping scandals of Armstrong, and he lives in the shadow of Wiggins’ charisma. But, winning the Tour de France for a second time is a huge achievement.

Grand Tour cycling is probably the most brutal of all sporting events. I struggle to comprehend how the hell they can climb up those mountains in 90 degree temperatures every day for three weeks. Sadly for Froome, this incomprehension raises suspicions and cynicism. But, his achievement deserves praise. He is innocent until proven guilty.

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