#1039: 1978, The Stranglers, 5 Minutes

by Charlie_East_West on August 11, 2015

Fancy some angry music?
Ok. You can have a bit of The Stranglers.

The Stranglers were the ultimate outsiders – their music is fast, bass driven and bloody aggressive. There was a genuine aura of danger with this lot. Both in terms of look and a totally unique sound.

5 Minutes was released in 1978 and was sung by The Stranglers bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel. It gives an account of a gang rape that occurred at a London flat he lived in during 1977. The lyrics, convey Burnel’s anger surrounding the rape and his frustrations in trying to find the five men who committed the attack.

It is a controversial theme. But, they convey their anger through this song. It is brutal, honest and entirely convincing – entirely in keeping with the band themselves.

If you want some genuine, yet credible anger in your music – then bloody well listen to The Stranglers.

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