#1038: 1976, The Runaways, Cherry Bomb

by Jackie_South on August 10, 2015

Time for a bit of female rocking out with dashings of ‘tude from proto-punks The Runaways. A nice bunch of women who you rather expect might have stuck a stiletto heel into Donald Trump’s bollocks if he had tried to make similar comments about them to those he used about Megyn Kelly.

Times may have changed in the last 39 years, and sexually-empowered women might not have the same edge as it did then. Singing in basques as Cherie Currie does here is definitely a bit passe (although Madonna was still doing the same many years later) – and her mining is definitely out on the video. But you can’t knock Joan Jett’s chugging rhythm guitar, Lita Ford’s rock-god axe-wielding or the take-no-prisoners swagger of it all.

I’ll give ya something to live for
Have ya, grab ya til you’re sore


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