Week 30: Villain – George Osborne

by Charlie_East_West on July 26, 2015

George Osborne is a political villain. He could realistically make a credible claim to win this award every week. But, after proposing up to 40% in government departmental spending cuts, he has once again romped away with this infamous award.

George Osborne is a clever villain. For all of his political skulduggery and win at all costs mentality, he is master of all he surveys. The right wing media and large parts of Middle England have lapped up his budget, and the main opposition from Labour is in tatters. Osborne is cashing his austerity chips in while all the threats have been removed. Welcome to Austerity Mark 2 – Austerity on Steroids.

All the usual soft targets will be up for grabs such as local authority budgets, fire services, police stations, libraries, sports clubs, refuge collections and day centres. Under Osbornomics, the entire social contract is up for grabs. The majority of us diligently pay our taxes, and return, expect a decent bang for our buck in the provision of quality public services. Instead, Osborne seeks to underfund them, destroy the service provision and soften them up to become ripe for private sector acquisition.

As the deficit continues to rise and the national debt continues to rocket, we can now clearly see that austerity isn’t really about getting the deficit down. Austerity is an ideological decision to smash the state and open the draw bridge to allow the corporate troops in to invade and plunder defenceless public services.

40% cuts for “efficiency savings”? Don’t make me laugh. The only thing efficient about more Osborne-led cuts are the profit margins of the corporates who will smash and grab what is left of our vulnerable public services.

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John Stone July 27, 2015 at 6:42 am

Indeed, what’s going here is naked ideology and meanwhile this useless opposition is still only half way through its utterly interminable leadership contest.


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