Week 29: Villain – Michael Fallon MP

by George_East on July 19, 2015

villain_2_iconThis Week’s Villain of the Week is the Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon MP

Since the events of 2003 and the second Iraq war a convention has grown up that parliamentary approval is sought for the participation of British forces in military action. Indeed this may have been the only good thing to have come from that war. On these pages we all remember the devastating forensic demolition of the Blair/Bush case for war by the late grate Robin Cook.

You may also remember that in one of Ed Miliband’s finest moments David Cameron lost a vote in favour of bombing Syria. It has come then as a bit of a surprise this week to find out that British forces (embedded with American forces) have in fact been involved in bombing Syria since September. Yes this is ISIS in Syria and not Assad’s regime but of course there has been no vote of any kind. Indeed there has been (until this week) no announcement of any kind. The only reason we now know this is taking place is because of an FOI request by the pressure group, Reprieve.

We never seem to learn as a country. Always intervening in areas of the world and making things worse. For this disgraceful episode the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon wins this week’s Villain Award.

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