Week 29: Prat – Tim Farron

by Jackie_South on July 19, 2015

LibDem_pratThe Liberal Democrats’ new leader wins our weekly award for being the biggest prat of the last seven days

Now, that didn’t take long, did it?

Just one day into his new job as Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron managed to make a complete hash of his appearance on Channel 4 News, coming across as evasive and not very liberal when asked his views on homosexuality.

Given his abstention in parliament’s marriage equality vote, Cathy Newman asked him whether he personally believed, as a Christian, that homosexual sex was a sin. I’m guessing he was asked similar questions during the leadership campaign. This should have been a question he was well prepared for.

Instead of giving a straight-forward answer, he evaded and evaded. He said that for liberals it was not “our views on personal morality that matter”, but avoided saying what his own view was. He then said that “to understand Christianity is to understand we are all sinners”, an answer that suggests that he did in fact think gay sex was a sin but he was not going to say so.

His evasion has drawn much criticism, and he has managed to look a total prat within 24 hours of getting the top job in his party.

But there again, perhaps he is trying to show that he is a good Lib Dem leader. After all, Nick Clegg won our Prat of the Week award eleven times since we started the blog, and twice won our Prat of The Year award. Tim Farron has made a good start in trying to match that record.

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