Week 27: Hero – Oxi voters in Greece

by Charlie_East_West on July 5, 2015


This week’s hero award goes to the 61% of Greek voters who have said “Oxi” to accepting the terms of a potential bailout deal from Eurozone creditors.

Well there we have it. Once again, we should learn to never trust the polls. Despite a narrowing of the polls between the Yes and No on the bailout referendum in Greece, the polls throughout the week were suggesting a narrow victory for the Yes to the Eurozone bailout. Once again, the polls were wrong. A thumping 61%+ have voted to reject the bailout deal to the Eurozone creditors.

This is a thumping victory for Syriza, people power and the anti austerity movement. It is a defeat for the undemocratic bullying displayed by corporately charged organisations and individuals lurking in the shadows somewhere within the Eurozone. The plutocrat has been defeated by the Greek voter. For once, progressive ideology has won.

Idealistically, it would be nice to think that this momentous vote acts as a Trojan horse for similar people-led anti austerity votes to be taken across Europe. Who knows what will happen to Greece, the Eurozone, austerity-based ideology and the markets? Those outcomes are for tomorrow and the day after. But, for now, let us rejoice at those fine men and women in Greece sticking two fingers up to political and economic bullies.

Politicians can try and load the dice in their favour, but if democracy continues to survive, they must always accept a simple truth. The people will ultimately decide their own political fate. The power of the vote is still the most powerful democratic tool in society.

Well played to the 61% “Oxi” voters. A brave decision. The right decision.

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Dan Stasi July 7, 2015 at 5:28 am

I somehow doubt the smiles and dances will last too long.


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