So what will Osborne’s ‘One Nation’ look like?

by Ray_North on July 9, 2015

UnknownThe phrase made me want to hurl: ‘One Nation’. In Tory world that is supposed to make you a caring honourable person, someone who really cares about his fellow man, someone who is actually kind and gentle and genuinely ‘on your side.’

They have no idea.

As Charlie said earlier, the ‘living wage’ is a total con-trick – a really crude attempt to offset the reduction in Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credit. An attempt to set in stone the awfulness of destitution and the cycle of low pay.

George Osborne’s One Nation is a nation where there are have’s and have nots. It is a nation where very few will succeed very few will advance to a position where they can really and truly fulfil their potential.

Take the final abolition of the student grant. Ok, student grants have been an endangered and dying specie for years, but, the final abolition speaks volumes – we are creating a society where only the rich will go to university, or the top Universities.

The rest of this blog might sound a bit like its come out of the ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ sketch, but I don’t care, it is a fact that my Grandfathers were both labourers. My father’s father had been a collier but had broken his leg; my mother’s father had a stroke when he was in his forties and couldn’t work, forcing my grandmother, the single most impressive and indomitable human being I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, to work shifts at a golf club cleaning in between her other various cleaning jobs. When my father showed academic aptitude, it was a grant that enabled him to become the first member of his family to ever go to University (apologies for nearly quoting Neil Kinnock, actually, no apologies it was a fine, fine speech). I lived in a small semi-detached house, I went to a comprehensive school that is now an Asda, we had books in our house, but not much money – yet I was lucky enough to get a grant to go to University. Would I have gone without that grant? I don’t know – possibly, but, the thought of a loan of up to £150,000 at the end of my studies would have probably changed my choice of University and perhaps even my field of study – it would have changed my life.

My nephew is an exceptionally gifted young lad – he got 10 ‘A’ stars at his GCSE’s – he wants to study Maths. His Dad fits satellite dishes, his mum is a nurse. His teachers have suggested that he goes to Oxford, just like David fucking Cameron – already, his mother is losing sleep at how she’ll be able to afford that.

Is that One Nation? Is that a nation where everyone has a chance? Is that a nation where hard work, enterprise and skill is rewarded? No it fucking isn’t.

The Tories are happy for people like me, like my Dad, like my nephew, to stay where we are, stay in our place. Drink beer, smoke fags, read The Sun, talk about football – know my fucking place. Bollocks.

We need a revolution just to bring back hope.

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Fionauk512 July 11, 2015 at 10:30 am

Agreed. When do we start.

One can’t appeal to better natures, they appear to be absent. One can’t use reason, logic or evidence, they are ignored. One can’t rely on the media to hold them accountable, they are Tory mouthpieces. The right to protest is being restricted. Activists are harassed. We are living in a highly surveilled (not sure that’s a word but you get my meaning) state. Access to justice is becoming more and more of a lottery. There is government political interference at every level of public services.

I’ll bring my own tumbril.


Dan Stasi July 11, 2015 at 11:56 am

” One can’t rely on the media to hold them accountable, they are Tory mouthpieces”
The Guardian, Daily Mirror,The BBC I wouldn’t say they were Tory mouthpieces.
Have you read the Morning Star lately?


Fionauk512 July 11, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Granted, should have qualified it to say the majority of the media are Tory mouthpieces and I think the BBC do give the government an easy ride.

Still think we can’t rely on the media to offer sufficient challenge.


John Stone July 12, 2015 at 8:11 pm

The way the door is being shut on social mobility is scary. Huge shift in the last 30 years away from opportunity for all. What do you think Dan?


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