Week 26: Global Terrorists

by Charlie_East_West on June 28, 2015


This week’s villain of the week award goes to the terrorists who conducted a series of terrorist attacks in Kuwait City, Lyons and on a beach in a resort in Tunisia.

Bastards. The lot of them.

Whether on a Tunisian beach packed full of summer season tourists, at prayer in Kuwait, or in the daily bustle of Lyons – the global terrorist has now reduced the entire planet to a continual state of high alert. The war against terrorism and the terrorists war against peace, protection and civilised society is now endemic. There is literally no hiding place.

Imagine this scenario just for one second. You book a holiday. You decide to spend two weeks recharging your batteries on a Mediterranean beach in North Africa. You have been saving your hard earned money for these precious two weeks in the sun. You get there, head straight for the beach and then witness a man opening fire on hundreds of fellow tourists.

Terrorist attacks are increasingly aimed towards soft targets. The unsuspecting nature and increasingly barbaric attacks continue to shock. There is no end game here. The attacks will continue. The choice of barbarism will continue to become more and more gruesome. The attacks will continue to hit where it hurts. In the case of Tunisia, this will destroy their tourist based economy. It is particularly saddening when one considers that Tunisia was one of the few heartening case studies of the Arab Spring.

The world has always been a pretty dangerous place. But in our post 9/11 world, the methodology of the terrorist has become more sophisticated and brutal and for all of us – more dangerous and ultimately, more tragic.

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