Week 25: Hero – Jon Stewart

by Ray_North on June 22, 2015

US_HeroThis Week’s Hero is the comedian and presenter of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart.

Another day, another horrible massacre involving a young American sociopathic gun-totting racist, killing a clutch of innocent people.

This time it was in Charleston, South Carolina (a place I’ve visited actually, and liked a lot), and the gun-totting lunatic was the self-proclaimed white-supremacist, Dylann Roof, who stormed into a predominantly Afro-American church with a automatic handgun and shot dead nine worshippers.

It’s bloody horrendous, a tragic incident, and sadly one in a long line of tragic incidents of a similar nature, and, quite rightly, the American media and politicians of all corners are condemning it in the most vociferous of terms.

As did our hero of the Week, the wonderful Jon Stewart of the Daily Show: he started his satirical show with the message that he had no jokes for that night, instead, he gave a wonderful and brave monologue about how those who were simply dismissing the incident with warm words like tragedy and unfortunate accident, were missing the point – America, he told his audience, has invaded two countries, has killed thousands of civilians, has endured the death of thousands of soldiers, it sends unmanned drones to kill people, all in the name of keeping American’s safe – but, it ignores the reality behind incidents like this, dismissing them as unfortunate tragic accidents. He made the point that American and Americans knew exactly how and why this incident happened and that it could do something about it, rather than placate those who have been killed or injured, and that is to introduce gun control and to try to sort out the profound and deep-rooted racism that is endemic in certain parts of America.

His monologue was spine-chillingly prescient.

He is so right.

And brave, because, as we know, once the condemnation for Mr Roof is over, once the kind words for the devastated families of the dead subsides then the excuses will start from the gun lobby and eventually the same arguments will prevail that it is the right of every American to bear arms, and that actually Americans need to arm themselves against people such as Roof, rather than work to rid him and his ilk of his guns and opinions in the first place.

Jon Stewart told it how it is this week, and for that we salute him as a true hero.

And if you didn’t hear him here it is again…..


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