Week 23: Prat – Sepp Blatter

by Ray_North on June 8, 2015

prat_iconThis week’s Prat of the Week Award goes to winner of the FIFA Presidential Election – Sepp Blatter

Sepp, Sepp, Sepp – what were you playing at?

For years, the allegations have been rumbling, the fingers have been pointing, the assertions have been made. You have ignored them all. You have chosen to brazenly cling on to the throne of being FIFA President. You have demonstrated arrogance to an alarming level; you have proven yourself a bully a dictator and, probably a bit of a thief as well (allegedly).

In the run up to the Presidential election, you dogmatically decided to run, even though many were suggesting openly that it was probably better if you stand down. You ignored them. In fact not only did you ignore them, you stood on the platform that only were the man capable of ridding FIFA of its corruption – Sepp, you are the corruption!

In the week before the election – seven of your most important officials were arrested on suspicion of various offences of malfeasance in a public office – again people suggested that you shouldn’t run, or at least, you should postpone the election.

But, oh no, Sepp, you continued your campaign, you continued to boast how only you would be the knight in shining amour to come to the assistance of poor FIFA – and you won. But, you won because of the block voting of those, who you were alleged to have been paying off all these years.

The irony was lost on you.

The calamitous state of FIFA was lost on you.

The fact that FIFA was killing the great game of football was lost on you.

You were going to root out the problems within the organization you told us, in your (rather rambling) acceptance speech.

Then, er, four days later, you resigned.

Sepp, I’m afraid, you’ve gone from villain to Prat in one week – and, just in case you’re in any doubt, that’s not a good thing.

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