#1032: 2003, The Handsome Family, Far From Any Road

by Ray_North on June 30, 2015

I suppose you get to a certain age, and you take your new music whenever and wherever you can get it – long gone, alas, are the days, when I would crave new band and new sounds and try to impress my mates with some great new sound that I had discovered (to be honest, they either weren’t impressed or they’d discovered it themselves ages earlier).

But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t still get excited when I hear something that I haven’t heard before and it doesn’t really matter to me the circumstances in which I hear the song. And if it is the theme tune for a mega-hit American Tv show – then so be it! For those of you who watched the brilliant US HBO drama True Detective, this tune will be instantly familiar.

It is a great alternative Country and Western/Americana song, evocative and moody, with the most wonderful rhythm guitar which drives it with an understated energy.

The Handsome Family, are a husband and wife duo – he writes the lyrics, she writes the music – and it bloody well worked on this track.

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