#1031: 1990, Ride, Seagull

by George_East on June 25, 2015

So three weekends back was the annual allthatsleft trip to Field Day in Victoria Park – the boutique festival that has now evolved into a Saturday of new acts and a Sunday focused around headline performances from some great more established artists.  Well, when I say it was an allthatsleft trip I really mean that there was good allthatsleft contingent, with Bobby West,  Jackie South and me flying the flag.

Sunday was blessed with two superb headline quality performances.  One from Patti Smith doing a full set including the whole of Horses (Jackie South’s favourite album) and some cracking other material including superb versions of Dancing Barefoot and Because The Night.  Bringing the festival to an end though were the reformed Oxford indie shoegazers Ride – a band who were something of a favourite with the Hackney contingent of the allthatsleft team back in the day.

Mark Gardner may have lost that distinctive fringe and have fatted out around the face a bit, losing what were the best cheekbones in indie  back in the day, but the band had lost none of its quality.  Unlike last year’s headliners who were always going to impress, Pixies, I don’t think this was a foregone conclusion and I have to admit I was a bit nervous that they might disappoint.  The distinctive harmonies over the layered wall of guitars took us all back to 1990 and nothing was better than the full on guitar wig out to Seagull , the opener from their seminal debut album, Nowhere,  about three songs into the set, so good that even the band recognised that they might struggle to match it, with an ironic ‘thank you, good night’ from Andy Bell.  It was the not only the song of the set but the song of the weekend. Great stuff.

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