Week 22: Villain – Sepp Blatter

by Charlie_East_West on May 31, 2015


This week’s villain of the week award goes to Sepp Blatter for his continued tenure as President of the most corrupt organisation in sport – FIFA.

Sepp Blatter is the Robert Mugabe of world sport. As long as he remains in power – to hell with everyone else, and to hell with integrity.

On Friday in Zurich, Sepp Blatter’s manipulative cultivation of bloc votes allowed him to be elected for a fifth term as President of FIFA – despite a 47-count indictment from the FBI seeking prosecution of nine FIFA officials, and despite decades of murky activities within FIFA – including the alleged corruption involved within the successful World Cup bidding processes of Russia and Qatar.

Blatter even had the brass neck to state just prior to his re-election that he was the best candidate to clean up the corruption within FIFA, despite having presided over all the toxicity within FIFA since he became President in 1998.
His statement of intent that he would look to “rebuild trust” in FIFA is, as Hugh McIlvanney stated – “makes him a living oxymoron.”

Blatter also stated that he “cannot monitor everyone all of the time“. This is utter bullshit. Yes, he cannot be expected to be some sort of presidential micromanager, but there is clearly something amiss when somebody with such a vice-like grip over FIFA claims that he has failed to detect all the unethical practices now being investigated by the FBI. Surely the President of any corporation would have monitored a $10m bribe that was deposited into a FIFA bank account in Switzerland. If he failed to monitor such a transaction, than he should have removed himself on the grounds of negligence and incompetence.

Blatter’s whitewashing of his own culpability is breathtaking in its hypocrisy. Even FIFA’s own investigation under Michael Garcia, into the Qatar World Cup bid was whitewashed – which then caused Garcia to blow the whistle on FIFA and caused FIFA to start smearing Garcia and anyone else who dared to question their integrity.

Whenever any alarm bells ring on the integrity of FIFA, Blatter claims no knowledge, offers himself as the beacon of hope and reform and also threatens any individual organisation who dares threaten his own presidential incumbency.

FIFA stinks with corruption. Blatter is the man at the top of this dung heap of sporting corruption. But, as always, he remains Mr Untouchable. A villainous leader of a morally bankrupt sporting organisation.

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